Mancini reveals the plan to win Italy over Northern Ireland in the decisive confrontation

Mancini reveals the plan to win Italy over Northern Ireland in the decisive confrontation

Roberto Mancini, coach of the Italian national team, hinted that the Azzurri would play the fake striker’s plan against Northern Ireland, to open its defense by moving the ball quickly, and commented: “The boys must not forget everything they have achieved during the past three years.”

Italy will visit Northern Ireland on Monday in the final round of World Cup qualifiers.

“We shouldn’t think negative thoughts, we know it’s an important match, we’re going there with the goal of winning and we know it’s hard to beat Northern Ireland here,” Mancini said in his match press conference.

“If we miss that, then we’ll have a chance to do a make-up test in March, but we want to finish tomorrow and that’s what we should focus on.”

He continued: “No one believed us when we started this journey three years ago, and we know there were difficult moments along the way. on what to do.”

About the plan, he said: “We are definitely not going for the high balls in the box, because Northern Ireland is a bit long and that’s our bread and butter. We should try to play the ball fast to the feet, which is what we’ve been doing for the past three years.”

He concluded his statements: “All teams are suffering from injuries at the moment, but we are still a strong team and we will strive to achieve a positive result.”

The match against Ireland became Italy’s chance to qualify for the 2022 World Cup, after the Azzurri drew 1-1 against Switzerland in the match that was held on Friday evening in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

Italy will qualify if they win the last game against Northern Ireland and Switzerland lose or draw, and if Switzerland wins at the same time it will be necessary to check the goal difference.

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