Mancini: Donnarumma is the best goalkeeper in Europe, facing Hungary is difficult


Italy coach Roberto Mancini expects to make some changes to the Azzurri’s next match against Hungary in the European Nations League scheduled for tomorrow, in the second round, indicating that the pressure will be removed from young talents such as Wilfried Junonto.

Mancini confirmed that some changes will be made to the team in tomorrow’s match, during the match press conference, saying: “Some changes will be there for sure, I’m not thinking about everything, but a lot.”

Speaking about whether Manuel Locatelli could play the same role that Cristante played against Germany, Mancini said: “The Juventus player can be adapted for this role, but Brian and Esposito are the only ones in this group who can play as a playmaker.”

The Italian coach commented on whether a new style of play would be adopted by the Azzurri: “You can win in any way, there is no certain recipe, with any system you can win, against Germany in 20 minutes we couldn’t catch them because they weren’t bad. It seemed to me, the match after that was perfectly balanced, they were all new players, and obviously it takes time.”

The former Inter Milan and Manchester City coach spoke of Donnarumma, saying: “Gianluigi for me remains the best goalkeeper in Europe, he suffers a little more than others when he rotates.”

And Mancini continued: “Donnarumma has this small problem, we will assess it tomorrow morning, if he feels the desire to play, he will play, there are many left in the team, even Belotti for example, who told him to go and rest.”

“He has everything to become a very good striker,” Mancini said of Gianluca Scamaca. “He’s fast, strong and technical. He can improve in the break, even if he’s tall.”

Mancini continued, “However, he is back from his first season as a starting player in Serie A, and it will take some time but he can become a really great striker.”

The Azzurri coach touched on his relationship with Hungary coach Marco Rossi: “Marco was a colleague of mine, in fact, I think I got him in Sampdoria. With France and Germany in the European Championship they are a difficult team to play against, they are very physical and they have important qualities in attack.”

Mancini spoke about his plans to overcome Hungary’s difficult defense: “As I said before, it will not be easy. We will try our best to succeed, they have a very tall and strong defense, so Hungary plays good football. It will not be an easy match, because the matches Easy no longer exists

And Mancini concluded his speech about the possibility of seeing young players in the starting lineup tomorrow: “If they are in the team of 23 players, yes, it is not a problem to play the youth and test them in difficult matches.”

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