The sudden death of Mbami, the Paris Saint-Germain player

The sudden death of Mbami, the Paris Saint-Germain player

Cameroonian star Modest Mbami, the former star of the Cameroon national team and former Paris Saint-Germain, died after suffering a heart attack at the age of 40, in the French city of Le Havre, according to the newspaper “Sport Africa”, which stated that Mbappe’s death came days after his discharge from the hospital. Where he was being treated for infection with the Corona virus.


Some press sources issued in the early hours of this morning, Sunday, corresponding to the eighth of January for the new year 2023, reported the sudden death of one of the most prominent players in the first football team of the French club Paris Saint-Germain, even though he was not suffering from any diseases.


The sudden death of Mbami, the Paris Saint-Germain player


In the details of the news, the Parisian giant has confirmed that its Cameroonian player, Modest Mbame, has died of a heart attack, at the age of forty.


Mbame has previously played for a group of major French clubs, perhaps the most prominent of which is the French club Paris Saint-Germain, and he succeeded with him in obtaining the Cup title in 2004 in addition to the 2006 championship.


At a time when Mbami defended the colors of the Marseille club, Sal and Jal, and he had a major role in advancing football in the team during recent decades.


The player was part of the Cameroonian national team that won the gold medal at the Olympic Games held in Sydney in 2000, and he managed to play 37 games in the black shirt, during which he succeeded in scoring three goals.


In addition, he represented many clubs in the Spanish League and the Chinese League and had a professional experience in Arab stadiums in Saudi Arabia before he decided to hang up his shoes and retire in 2016 after a short period he spent with the club Le Havre competing in the French League championship.

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