Messi confuses the public with the Paris Saint-Germain shirt No. 39


Lionel Messi, the Paris Saint-Germain striker, raised the confusion of the public after he published a picture through his account on the “Instagram” site, in which he appeared wearing the Paris team shirt and bearing the number 39, and not the number 30 that he used to play with since joining the team.

Commenting on the photo, Messi said, “The season is over and I wanted to thank my teammates for the way they treated me since my arrival, and my family for always accompanying me and supporting me.. It was a different year because of everything that happened, but at the end of it all we achieved my role. I was very excited.” To achieve it because of what it means to be the first title here in Paris.”

Messi added, “We left a bitter taste of losing in the Champions League in a match we were better at, and at the same time I want it to leave me the joy of adding another title that was also one of the goals.. Certainly good things will come in 2022, it will be an important year and we will struggle to compete.” With ambition on everything.. see you later.”

Commenting on this photo, the newspaper “Marca” said that the picture that Messi published wearing the Paris Saint-Germain shirt, with the number 39 on his back, is unusual considering that Messi wore the number 30 during his first season in Paris Saint-Germain.

While Messi used to wear the number 10 shirt with his former team Barcelona and the Argentina national team, but with his move to Paris Saint-Germain he chose the number 30 shirt in his first season, because his Brazilian friend Neymar da Silva kept the number 10.

Why does Messi wear the number 39?

The Spanish newspaper explained that the reason for Messi sharing a picture of himself on “Instagram” in the Paris Saint-Germain shirt with the number 39 on his back is a reference to the number of titles he has won so far in his professional career.

And the report of the Spanish newspaper says that Messi spent almost all his career in Catalonia with Barcelona, ​​and during this legendary career he won the Club World Cup 3 times, the European Champions League 4 times, the European Champions League 10 times, the Spanish League 10 times, the King’s Cup 7 times, and the Super Cup The Spaniard 8 times, three European Super Cups, and also won the Copa America with Argentina, in addition to the Olympic gold medal and the U-20 World Cup.

While Paris Saint-Germain regained the French League title this season, this title is the 39th title for the Argentine star Messi, which is an incredibly impressive tally.

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