Messi: I wanted to leave Barcelona in another way and say goodbye is not a nice thing

Messi: I wanted to leave Barcelona in another way and say goodbye is not a nice thing

Argentine star Lionel Messi sent a farewell message to Barcelona through his official account on the social networking site “Instagram”, after he officially left the Catalan club this summer after the expiration of his contract.

Messi held a press conference today, during which he talked about the circumstances of his departure from Barcelona:

Messi said on Instagram:

“I would have liked to leave in another way, although saying goodbye can never be a nice thing, I would have liked to continue here and did everything to achieve that goal and in the end it didn’t happen, I have only words of thanks to everyone who hosted me.”

Messi added:

“I have only a few words, thank you to everyone who accompanied me during my many years at the club, and to the fans who gave me their love and appreciation I tried to return that love to them, I gave everything for this” shirt, I’m leaving but that’s not goodbye, until soon to meet Visca Barca! ! ”

Messi had confirmed during the press conference that he would continue to compete in football in the future, and this came in response to journalists’ questions at the Catalan team’s farewell conference on Sunday afternoon.


Messi said:

“I love football and this is what I will continue with, as long as I can, I will continue to compete, thank God I do not have serious injuries and everything depends on my body to continue competing at the highest level.” ”

On his continuation to play in the future, Messi said:

“I don’t know, it depends on how I feel in each season and on my physical condition.”

Messi continued: “I wanted to win the Champions League again with Barcelona, ​​and I still have the passion to win the Champions League again.”

“We had a generation in which we could have won another Champions League, and one of my goals was to win the Champions League and the League again and more trophies.”

“Yes, maybe we can win the Champions League, against Liverpool and against Chelsea. When Pep was coach, we had a generation that could win more titles.”

“But this is football and on the other hand we won different things.. One of the goals I set now is to win. Champions League again and break Dani Alves’ record. He won more titles in history.”

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