Messi’s new contract: 240 Million euros in 4 years

Messi’s new contract gives him 240 million euros in 4 years. Now, the Barcelona administration continues its efforts to renew the Argentine legend’s contract.

Messi’s contract with Barcelona is due to expire in June. So far, there has been no official confirmation from the player to leave or renew with Barca.

La Pulga had previously demanded to leave the Spanish team, last summer, due to the deterioration under the leadership of Josep Maria Bartomeu.

However, negotiations are now underway to determine the financial value that Lionel Messi will receive.

The agreement between Messi and the administration of Joan Laporta would be divided between the fixed wage and a percentage of the profits.

Lionel is looking to increase his fixed wages with the club. But Laporta only wants to negotiate profits.

As a result, the value of Messi’s wages with the Blaugrana would decrease as much as possible.


It is worth noting that the Barca president wanted to end negotiations with Messi before Leo joined the Argentine national team in Copa America.

Messi’s contract renewal talks are taking place between him and Joan Laporta in parallel with the negotiations of Rafael Yuste, the sportive vice-president of the FC Barcelona, with Jorge Messi.

Jorge is the father of the Argentine player. Negotiations are taking this form with the hope of speeding up the settlement of the GOAT contract renewal file.

Messi’s new contract

Press reports indicated new details about Barcelona’s offer to persuade Messi to stay at Camp Nou.

According to Sport, the Barca administration headed by Laporta is considering setting up a joint project with Messi with a 10-year contract.

Based on Messi’s new contract, he will receive 240 million euros in the first four years of the offer.

Therefore, Messi remains a Barcelona player for two seasons. Then, he plays in the MLS for two more seasons for Inter Miami.

Messi’s last matches with Barcelona will be during the 2022/2023 season, after which he plays two seasons for Inter Miami.

After that, the legend will return to Barcelona in 2025/2026 to be an ambassador for the club until 2030.

Laporta aims to divide Messi’s salary as an ambassador into a fixed portion with variables. Meanwhile, Messi wants to raise his fixed wages after retiring.

Messi and his father focus on the sports project of Barcelona, ​​where Leo wants Barcelona to have a team capable of competing for all titles.

The Blaugrana failed to win the La Liga in the last two seasons. Meanwhile, the last title he won in the European Champions League was in 2014/2015.

Thus, Lionel will receive the sum of 240 million over 4 years. This includes 2 years as a player and 2 years as the club’s ambassador to America.

Then, in 2025/26 Messi will become a partner ambassador for a period of 6 years and receive a fixed salary and variables.


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