Michael Owen: Mohamed Salah amazed me with his level

Michael Owen: Mohamed Salah amazed me with his level with Liverpool


English football legend and Liverpool club Michael Owen praised Egyptian football star Mohamed Salah because of his superb goalscoring numbers with the Reds, stressing that he did not expect to reach this number of goals.


And Adel Mohamed Salah, Liverpool player, scored the scoring record of former star Michael Owen in the list of the best scorers of the Reds throughout history, with 158 goals each.


Michael Owen said in comments published by the English “Anfield Watch” network: “Salah has surprised me the most in the world of football, but I think you would be lying if anyone said that he expected more than 40 goals in his first season.”


He added: “Partly because we saw him at Chelsea, he certainly didn’t look like a top scorer there, he looked like a top scorer in Roma, but to come in and score 40+ in your first season, and then do it constantly, I’m totally amazed.”


He continued: “I’ve always thought that scoring goals was instinctive and it’s natural, whether you’re a good player or not, and I think, to some extent it’s instinctive.”


He continued: “But I watched him now and thought you can improve as a finisher. He mastered some goals too. I was astonished by his improvement and most of the world of football. If he continues at this level for a few more years, we will talk about one of the greatest levels of all time.”


Mohamed Salah raised his score to 158 goals in the Liverpool shirt in all tournaments, equal to Michael Owen, who is ranked eighth in the list of historical scorers for the Reds.

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