A goalless draw decides the summit of Milan and Juventus

A goalless draw decides the summit of Milan and Juventus in the Italian League

Milan drew with its guest Juventus without goals, in the Clasico Italia meeting, which brought the two teams together, on Sunday evening, at the “San Siro” stadium, as part of the twenty-third round of the Italian League competition for the current season 2021-22.

The first half of the match came at an average level from both sides, and the two goals did not have a dangerous opportunity during the first 45 minutes of the match.

The first half witnessed the exit of the Swedish star Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Milan striker, in the 28th minute, due to injury, and French Olivier Giroud entered in his place.

The result remained the same in the second half, and the two teams shared the points of the match.

The negative tie is the first between the two teams at the level of the Calcio competition, since the meeting that brought them together on the first of December 2007.

Milan raised its score to 49 points in third place, equal to Napoli, the runner-up, while Juventus’s tally rose to 42 points in fifth place, while Inter Milan topped with 53 points.

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