Mirror: Mohamed Salah may leave Liverpool for free

Mirror: Mohamed Salah may leave Liverpool for free after rejecting the 1.7 billion-pound contract

The English newspaper “Mirror” blew up a heavy-caliber surprise after it revealed today, Sunday, that the Liverpool club management rejected Mohamed Salah’s financial requests, to renew his contract with the team that ends in the summer of 2023, as the Egyptian star requested 400,000 pounds per week instead of his current salary. of 200,000.

The newspaper said that Ramy Abbas, the Egyptian international’s agent, is discussing with the club’s management the details of renewing the contract for a period of 4 years, as he informed the American administration that owns the club that Mohamed Salah deserves to receive this salary for his distinguished performance with the Reds, but the administration believes that the 29-year-old pharaoh approached From the age of thirty and it will be difficult to renew his contract with this salary in addition to the existence of a salary cap at the club.

And “Mirror” indicated that Salah’s agent confirmed that Cristiano Ronaldo, the 36-year-old Manchester United star, gets 500,000 pounds per week, and Kevin De Bruyne gets 400,000 per week with Manchester City, despite reaching 30 years old.

And “Mirror” indicated that Liverpool does not agree to Salah’s financial requests, because the total salary in the 4 years will reach 80 million pounds, equivalent to 1.7 billion Egyptian pounds.

The newspaper concluded its report that Mohamed Salah’s agent believes that the pharaoh can leave for free from Liverpool and obtain this salary from any team after the end of his career with the Reds in June 2023, an option that may be put forward in the negotiations if a solution is not reached between the club and Salah’s representative.

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