Klopp: Mohamed Salah’s number is great

Klopp: Mohamed Salah’s number is great..and we did not imagine reaching it with Liverpool

German Jurgen Klopp, coach of the Liverpool team, praised the impressive number achieved by our Egyptian star Mohamed Salah, reaching the 150th goal with the Reds in various competitions.

Mohamed Salah scored a goal for the Reds in their 3-1 victory over Norwich City, in the meeting that brought them together at “Anfield”, the Reds’ stronghold, in the 26th round of the English Premier League competition this season.

Klopp talked about Salah reaching the 150th goal with Liverpool: “A great and distinguished number, he participated in a different position and performed exceptionally, and when he returned to his normal place he performed a great performance again.”

He added: “When Salah scored in his first match against Watford, no one imagined that he would score another 149 goals in a short time. This is a very special achievement. Today’s goal from Salah was a very, very, very tricky goal.”

He continued: “Salah’s best goal for me, perhaps the goal from a distance against Chelsea, his goal against City and Watford this season, his goal against United with Alison Alisson two seasons ago and a goal against City in the Champions League, I can remember many beautiful goals from Salah.”

And about the match, he said: “It was a complicated match, but there is no problem with that, when you analyze the opponent in the last match and build on it, and then you realize that they are analyzing you as well, that changes the situation completely, but they played differently and we had to show a different reaction.”

He added: “We could have scored goals early with amazing chances from Costas and another player and we didn’t score so they felt confident and they are a very good team despite their current situation and Dean Smith is doing well.”

Mohamed Salah scored 150 goals during his participation in 233 matches in all competitions in the Liverpool shirt, and he also has 56 assists.

With this result, Liverpool occupies the second place in the English Premier League table with 57 points, after playing 25 games, during which he managed to win 17 games, drew in 6 games, and lost only two matches.

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