Mohamed Salah sets a new record in fantasy

Mohamed Salah sets a new record in fantasy

The Egyptian pharaoh, Mohamed Salah, player of the English club Liverpool, received more than one million participations today by the fantasy players for his choice of “Triple Captain”, as the pharaoh got 21 points with that feature.

And this is after he scored a goal against Norwich City, in the match that ended 3-1 at “Anfield”, the stronghold of the Reds, in the 26th round of the English Premier League competition this season.

With this feature, Mohamed Salah becomes the most fantasy player chosen with that participation, “Triple Captain” in the history of the game, to add the new record to his huge record-breaking career.

Mohamed Salah spoke to “Sky Sports” after the end of the meeting, saying: “I am happy to score 150 goals with Liverpool, I am always proud to score for this club, and the most important thing is to win.”

Regarding the match, the Egyptian star said: “We suffered at the beginning, but we played good football in the first half. We started the second half and conceded a goal, so the match became difficult, but we won in the end, and of course I am happy by scoring the 150th goal.”

Asked about the Premier League title race, the Reds star said: “What we can do is just focus on every game, when you fight with Manchester City, they win games most of the time, so we just need to focus on ourselves and see what happens at the end of the season. “.

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