The latest appearance of Mohamed Salah confuses his fans

The latest appearance of Mohamed Salah confuses his fans.. Tweeters: Your denial is weak, Abu Mecca

The Colombian Rami Abbas, the agent of the Egyptian international business, Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool wing, published a picture through his account on the “Instagram” website, in which he appears with Mohamed Salah, who in the photo tried to hide a little by wearing a head covering, which hides a large part of his face, and only appears from him. His chin and mouth only.

The picture won the admiration of many fans of Mohamed Salah, while the attempt of the star of the Egyptian team and Liverpool did not succeed in concealment, as many of the audience commented on the photo, stressing that the person who appears next to Rami Abbas is the international star Mohamed Salah, and one of them wrote in his comment on me The photo, “Your denial is weak, Abu Mecca,” while another said, “The burger is harmful, Salah, and we can’t match it with Senegal.”

This comes as the Egyptian star Mohamed Salah, a professional in the ranks of Liverpool, is close to deciding the Golden Boot title for the current football season, as he sings alone on the top scorer in the English Premier League with 20 goals, 7 goals ahead of his closest competitor, his Portuguese star Diego Jota. He is second in the standings with 13 goals.

Liverpool reached a special number after it settled the Arsenal summit by winning 2-0, during the match that brought the two teams together at the Emirates Stadium, in the postponed match of the twenty-seventh round of the English Premier League competition, and Liverpool continued its series of victories to (9) consecutive victories in The league is the second longest streak in the five major leagues this season.

Liverpool seeks to reach its rival and rival, Manchester City, who is ranked first, by achieving (12) consecutive wins, which comes in first place. Arsenal is fourth in the Premier League with 51 points.

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