Former Liverpool star: Mohamed Salah is the reason for the departure of Sadio Mane

Mohamed Salah is the reason for the departure of Sadio Mane, Former Liverpool striker Stan Collymore spoke about the reasons that prompted Senegalese international Sadio Mane to leave the Reds during the current summer transfer period and join the ranks of Bayern Munich in a deal that shocked many Anfield fans.

Stan Collymore said, in statements to the British newspaper, “Mirror”, that the main reason for the departure of Sadio Mane is his inability to be the first man in Liverpool, in light of the presence of the Egyptian international Mohamed Salah at the top of the Reds during the past five years.

Stan Collymore added: “Any player who has played for Bayern Munich will tell you how professional they are, their facilities and the things the club has to create an incredible experience. Playing in Germany will be a new challenge and I think he is ready for that.”

And Stan Collymore continued: “I can also understand when Mane says he wasn’t treated like a legend at Liverpool, when you have Mohamed Salah and Mane Firmino, you look at them as three, you don’t choose anyone as an important man.”

Stan Collymore stressed: “Sadio Mane’s decision to leave Liverpool for Bayern Munich came as a shock to many Reds fans, but there will be many former footballers who fully understand his decision.”

He added: “Sadio is of course right. Why? Because as a player sometimes you just have to know when the time is right to move on and find another challenge.”

And Stan Collymore confirmed: “And if you choose only one player, you can look at the numbers, the individual titles, the trophies and maybe you say because of that it is Salah. “.

Stan Collymore said: “Now Mane is in an excellent club in Europe, he can reach the final stages of the Champions League, win the eleventh consecutive German League title, win the German Cup, and he will be the number one man at Bayern.”

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