The Athletic: Mohamed Salah returns to Chelsea after his contract with Liverpool expires

Mohamed Salah returns to Chelsea after his contract with Liverpool expires, Press reports revealed that the Egyptian Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool striker, will continue in England even if he leaves the Reds.

Mohamed Salah’s contract with Liverpool expires in June 2023, and he confirmed his continuation in the English club next season, but press reports indicate, according to what the British newspaper “The Athletic” confirmed, that Mohamed Salah may move to Chelsea because he is the most fortunate option if he decides to leave Liverpool.


The newspaper stressed that on the financial and technical side, Chelsea is a suitable option for the Egyptian pharaoh compared to clubs such as Manchester City and Manchester United, because the Blues have no animosity between them and Liverpool.

And the newspaper pointed out that Mohamed Salah’s return to Chelsea makes his success guaranteed to erase bad memories at Stamford Bridge before shining in Italy and moving to Liverpool.

While the “Football London” network believes that Mohamed Salah is close to Chelsea, the possibility of appointing Michael Edwards, who was working as sports director in Liverpool, to this position in the Blues after the departure of Marina Granovskaya, and Chelsea owner Todd Bohley sees Edwards as the ideal person.

The report added that Mohamed Salah is considered a great addition to Chelsea if it occurs, especially since he scored 219 goals during his football career, which will benefit coach Thomas Tuchel in his flexible system, but the deal will not be easy because of the presence of other competitors such as Manchester City and Newcastle United.

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