Mourinho: In Rome, if you win, you will go to heaven

Mourinho: In Rome, if you win, you will go to heaven.. and in a loss, it will be a complete disaster

The Portuguese coach, Jose Mourinho, praised the Roma team’s performance during the Sampdoria match, despite the team’s difficult 1-0 victory in the confrontation that took place between them on Sunday evening at the “Luigi Ferraris” stadium in the 31st round of the Italian League. For the current season 2021-2022.

“It was a difficult match, it is difficult to play here,” Jose Mourinho told Dazan. “Marco Giampaolo’s team always has a clear philosophy.”

Mourinho added: “The culture in Rome is that if you win the derby, you go to heaven, and if you lose it will be a complete disaster, but we managed to keep our feet on the ground, focus on this match and win.”

On Henrikh Mkhitaryan’s goal after 20 different touches from Roma players, Mourinho said: “If he was a different coach, people would have talked about our goal as great football, building from behind, but they wouldn’t do that to me!”

Mourinho added during his speech: “We controlled the situation well, but we could have scored a second goal and killed the match. I don’t think we were distracted, because Sampdoria changed their system in the second half, which provided more breadth and made it difficult for us to pressure them.”

Regarding the first victory over Sampdoria in the Italian league, Mourinho said: “There is always one team, in England it was Newcastle, I won there after three or four defeats, here I took some time to beat Sampdoria.”

Mourinho spoke about the fate of his player Mkhitaryan, whose contract will expire on June 30: “He is having a great season, I want him here, he wants to stay here, Thiago Pinto and the club want him to stay, Raiola loves his player, so he must be fine.”

With this result, Roma is in fifth place in the Italian league standings with 54 points, collected from wins in 16 matches, draws in 6, and loses 9 matches, scoring 51 goals and receiving 35.

While Sampdoria is in the sixteenth place in the Italian League table with 29 points collected from winning in 8 matches, drawing in 5, losing 18 matches, scoring 39 goals and receiving 52.

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