Mourinho reveals Roma’s position on new deals before closing the summer Mercato


The Portuguese Jose Mourinho, coach of the Italian team, Roma, confirmed that he seeks to find the best possible solution to the injuries suffered by some of the team’s players during the current summer transfer market, as the Giallorossi received a painful blow with injuries to some key elements with the start of the 2022-2023 season.


“Everyone wants the same thing now, which is to make the right decisions for the club. These decisions belong to the owners and the general manager,” Mourinho said in his statements to the club’s official website.


Mourinho added, “They know the vision I have for the team, and there have been new developments in the team with the injuries Zaniolo and Wijnaldum. We will remain united, and together we will try to find the best possible solution.”


Mourinho continued his statements, saying, “I don’t know if we will sign Andrea Belotti, but I can talk about him because he is still a free player and I can say that I am happy to know that he wants to join Roma. I like that feeling and the management knows how much I like it.”


Mourinho explained, “Worried about Zaniolo’s injury, but that’s how life is. You enter the game with certain ideas and plans, and in a moment you find yourself in a different situation than you imagined. This is football, and we have to look forward now.”


The Roma team had won a precious victory over its guest Cremonese, with a goal free of charge, in the match that was held between them on Monday evening, at the “Olympico” stadium, as part of the second round of the Italian League competition for the current season 2022-2023.


Roma raised its score to 6 points to share the top of the Italian league table with Napoli and Inter Milan.


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