Mourinho before facing Genoa: Shevchenko was a great player

Mourinho before facing Genoa: Shevchenko was a great player and I hope he loses his first match

Jose Mourinho, coach of Roma, praised his Ukrainian counterpart Andrei Shevchenko, the new coach of Genoa.

And this is before the confrontation that will bring them together at ten o’clock tomorrow evening, Sunday, at the “Luigi Ferraris” stadium, in the thirteenth round of the Italian League.

Mourinho said at the match press conference:

“Shevchenko was a great player, this is his first time as a coach in a club, but he performed well with Ukraine. I think he showed that he has ideas and leadership methods, but I hope he loses his first match as a coach for a team as I did.”

Regarding the Genoa match, the Portuguese coach said:

“It will be an entertaining and interesting match, the Genoa fans will be ready for the match, the players will want to impress the new coach, it is a beautiful stadium and I am sure it will also have a great atmosphere.”

Mourinho added:

“I’m the only one who knows exactly how we’re going to play tomorrow, my assistants don’t know, the players don’t, you all guess we’ll play with three in defence, I never said that, we don’t know how they’re going to play under a new coach, but maybe they don’t know how we’re going to deal with it.” that”.

On Cristante’s infection with the Corona virus, Mourinho said:

“The work we did during the week should go to the trash, now we are without an important player like Cristante, it is clear that we need to find new solutions and maybe some players will have to sacrifice themselves in different roles.”

Genoa had appointed the former Ukrainian star Shevchenko as the new technical director of the team until 2024, succeeding the previous coach, Balardini, who was dismissed from his position due to poor results.

Rome occupies sixth place in the Italian league table with 19 points, while Genoa comes in seventeenth place with 9 points, and Napoli leads with 32 points, ahead of the goal difference of runner-up Milan with the same balance.

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