Mourinho’s comments after Roma’s victory over Fiorentina

Mourinho’s comments after Roma’s victory over Fiorentina

Roma coach Mourinho admitted:

The capital team performed better after Fiorentina goalkeeper Dragowski was sent off, which made it very difficult for the opponent.

This is in the meeting that ended between the two teams with a 3-1 victory for Wolverhampton, which was held on Sunday at the “Olympico” stadium in the first round of the Italian Serie A “Calcio”.

Mourinho told DAZN:

“It was a real and exciting match, although we didn’t play well, we were good 10 against 10 after the Fiorentina goalkeeper and Zaniolo Roma were sent off.”

Mourinho added:

“When we lost our points in positioning it was strange that you had more difficulty pressing the opponent.”

“As soon as the Fiorentina goalkeeper was sent off, we went back to the game and scored two goals, then three and since then we are in control.”

Mourinho stressed:

“After the match, I went to Vincenzo Italiano, the coach of the opposing team, and told him that Fiorentina is a team with a clearly great coach.”

Mourinho continued talking about his team:
“It is not easy to leave someone on the bench but Shumorodov can play on the left.”

“And he could be a striker with Tammy Abraham as well at the moment neither of them are the same.”

“As players who worked in pre-season training from day one, I thought of using Pellegrini at the back.”

Mourinho added:

“Shumorodov is very dangerous in attack and Tammy Abraham has more than one point so even if he wasn’t tired at that point I would have made the substitution in a few minutes anyway.”

Mourinho said:

“We have many different solutions but at the moment what I like is the spirit but Fiorentina made it very difficult for us.”

Mourinho concluded his speech:

“I really hope Fiorentina is the best as he will do well this season and cause a lot of problems for everyone.”

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