Naby Keita is the best player to face Senegal against Guinea

Naby Keita is the best player to face Senegal against Guinea in the African Nations

Naby Keita, the star of the Guinea national team and the English team Liverpool, won the award for the best player against his Senegalese counterpart, which ended in a goalless draw, in the second round of Group B, in the 33rd African Nations Cup, which is hosted by Cameroon until February 6 next.

Naby Keita was one of the most prominent stars of the match, and he succeeded in leading the Guinean team in a wonderful way and obtaining a valuable point against the Senegalese team.

The Guinean team was the most dangerous in the first half with more than one attack, while the Senegalese team took possession of the match in the second half without real danger.

The Liverpool star won the player of the match award for the second time in a row, after winning the award during the previous meeting with Malawi.

Senegal beat Zimbabwe in the first round in the 95th minute with a clean goal scored by Sadio Mane from a penalty kick, bringing the result of the day to the fourth point.

While the Guinea national team also reached the same number of points, after it defeated Malawi in the first round with a goal without a response.

In the last confrontation, Malawi and Zimbabwe seek to compensate for the defeat, as the former suffered a loss against Guinea in the last round in the match that ended with a goal without a response, which is the same as what happened to Zimbabwe, when Senegal beat them with a Mali goal in the last minute.

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