Nagelsmann: Bayern Munich has his eye on the German Super

Nagelsmann: Bayern Munich has his eye on the German Super, and Mane is a striker against Leipzig


Bayern Munich coach Julian Nagelsmann confirmed that the Bavarian team will enter tomorrow’s match against Leipzig and set its sights on crowning the German Super Cup, noting that playing in Senegalese Sadio Mane as a striker seems the closest option for tomorrow’s match.


“All the newcomers are making a very good impression, they are all a good fit in terms of character,” Nagelsmann said in the match press conference. “Sadio Mane has the best chance to play against Leipzig from the start tomorrow.”


The Bayern coach added, “We had a good week of training, and I am very happy, we worked a lot tactically, the players told me that we made progress, after the match it will be easier to see how much we have improved.”


He continued, “Sadio Mane is definitely an option to play a striker. When planning the squad, we studied the existence of such a scenario. We are not disappointed because we did not find a 9 player. The transfer window is still open for another 4 weeks.”


Regarding the German Super Cup, the Bayern coach said, “This is a title we want to win, Leipzig is one of the main competitors and you can see that in the cup. It’s important to show your strength as Bayern.”


He continued, “I don’t care about external pressures, I want to play fun and beautiful football, if I get sent off at some point I’m not afraid, I just want to win with Bayern Munich because coaching this team makes me happy.”

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