Nagelsmann: Neuer will return tomorrow against Hertha Berlin… and this is Bayern’s plan in the World Cup


Bayern Munich coach Julian Nagelsmann confirmed the return of giant goalkeeper Manuel Neuer during the team’s match against Hertha Berlin, which will be held on Saturday, in the thirteenth round of the German League competition for the 2022-2023 season.


Nagelsmann said, in the match press conference, “Manuel Neuer will train with the team today, we have to see how his shoulder reacts, but I assume he will travel to Berlin and play tomorrow, and Leroy and Lucas will return to the team as well, Thomas and de Ligt are out of the list tomorrow.”


The Bayern coach added, “If the last training session was good, Manuel will come with us and play against Hertha tomorrow, I suppose everything will be fine, but we will wait and see how the shoulder responds, everything was fine this week.”


He continued: “Thomas will take another break and then hopefully be back in the match next week. We will have to see how he reacts to the load, as for De Ligt he will not play against Hertha, De Ligt’s knee reacted negatively yesterday so we couldn’t increase the load, we don’t want risk it.”


And about Hertha Berlin, he said, “Sandro Schwartz loves to play hard, his team is pressing hard, the calmer the match, the more dominant we are. Sandro has already said that he wants a high level of aggression and a stable defensive performance tomorrow, that is what we expect.”


And about the Bavarian plan during the World Cup, he said, “It is likely that there will be between two to four players here. “.


Bayern Munich is second in the Bundesliga standings, with 25 points, one point behind the leaders Union Berlin, while Hertha Berlin occupies the fourteenth place, with 11 points.


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