Nagelsmann: I don’t care about the whistles against Leipzig and I refuse to hold the World Cup every two years

Nagelsmann: I don’t care about the whistles against Leipzig and I refuse to hold the World Cup every two years

Bayern Munich coach Julian Nagelsmann confirmed that he does not care that there will be jeers in the Leipzig match, scheduled for the “Red Bull Arena” at 6:30 pm tomorrow, Saturday.

This is within the fourth round of the German League competition, indicating that he rejects the idea of ​​holding the World Cup every two years.

Nagelsmann said at the match press conference about his return to Leipzig:

“Overall I’m really looking forward to being back there, we had a very good two years in Leipzig and the coaching staff are happy to be back too, we know our way well, we just have to take a different turn into the locker room away.”

On the recent brilliance of Serge Gnabry with the German national team, Nagelsmann noted:

“Of course, he took steps forward, at that time at Hoffenheim he was already an exceptional player, he decided a lot of games for us, he had a talent for moving in spaces and a good finish with his two feet.”

The coach continued:

“Gnabry has weaknesses when he takes a lot of time to think, he has everything to confirm his performance before and during the international break, I don’t see any reason why he should do less than he has done in the past few weeks.”

On the possibility of Sabitzer’s participation, the coach explained:

“He hasn’t trained with us a lot, I think he can adapt to both options, whether from the bench or from the start, he can be a great strength for us from the bench.”

On the possibility of holding the World Cup every two years, Nagelsmann said:

“I do not agree with that, the plans are getting more difficult, we have to keep this in a reasonable framework, the players must rest and now the pressure is increasing, the more matches will not make it better, quite the opposite.”

On the case of the duo Koman and Tolisso, Nagelsmann said:

“Tolisso will not play tomorrow and against Barcelona, ​​we have taken the decision to rehabilitate him slowly. Regarding Kingsley, we are in good spirits. He can play against Barcelona, ​​but we will also give him a 7-10 day training break so that he is fit and can play all the matches.”

On the possibility of hearing boos from the audience, Nagelsmann said:

“As a team, we achieved many things in two years in Leipzig and brought a good spirit to the club. We tried to return the money we earned. I have high expectations for this match and I don’t care if some people whistle.”

Regarding the duo Upamecano and Thomas Muller, the coach explained:

“Oba and Thomas are fit and two options for the starting lineup, they have trained well.”

On the faltering start of Leipzig, Nagelsmann said:

“I don’t think anyone needs any sympathy from me, RB Leipzig have a great squad and they have signed a good coach, they are sure they will be back on the right track, they don’t need any help from me.”

Bayern Munich enters the meeting with high spirits, after the last victory against Hertha Berlin, with five without a response.

It is in third place on the table with 7 points, as Bayern won two games and drew one.

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