Netherlands host Poland tonight to continue their European League victories


The Netherlands national team will host its Polish counterpart, in the confrontation scheduled to take place at 9:15 pm today, Saturday, at the Feyenoord Stadium, as part of the third round of Group D in the group stage of the European Nations League competition.

The Netherlands national team is playing tonight and is at the top of Group D standings with 6 points collected from winning two matches and not receiving any defeats or draws, scoring 6 goals and receiving two goals.

Poland is in third place with 3 points, with a goal difference only from Belgium, which is in second place, which scored 3 and received 6.

The Dutch team is seeking to continue its victories in the current edition of the European Nations League, as it opened its campaign in the tournament with a big victory over its host Belgium, 4-1, at the “Beaudouin Stadium”, in the first round of the group stage competitions.

The Dutch national team also defeated its host Wales 2-1 in the match that was held between them at Cardiff City Stadium, in the second round of the European Group IV matches of the first level of the European Nations League.

On the other hand, Poland’s national team fell to its counterpart Belgium 5-1 in the match that took place between them last Wednesday evening at the “King Baudouin” stadium, in the second round of the European Nations League competition.

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