New Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez 

New Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez

Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez thanked Barca president Juan Laporta at the beginning of his speech during the press conference held at Camp Nou, on the sidelines of his presentation as coach of the Blaugrana.

Xavi said at the press conference:

“This is an emotional moment and I’m very excited. Tomorrow we start the first day of Barcelona training. I’m thankful to the president for giving me the confidence. I’m back home.”

he added:

“I thank the President, Matteo Alemani, Rafa Yusti for making this a reality.”

Follow the Barca coach:

“We are the best club in the world, we will work for this club, excited with my staff and with the fans, it was an emotional moment to see the fans, and we have to give them in return for that.”

On the audience’s reception to him at the Camp Nou, Xavi commented:

“Great feelings, we want to work and sacrifice, and play beautiful football, we start tomorrow, we are Barcelona, ​​and we have to give 100% of our level.”

Regarding the way he played with Barcelona, ​​Xavi replied:

“I have a clear philosophy. When I was at Al Sadd, I worked with my own philosophy, and we had a lot of fun. Some players know our ideas and our philosophy. We want to play good football and get good results.”

In response to his comparison with coach Pep Guardiola, Xavi said:

“Comparing me to Guardiola is positive, because he is someone who is a reference to me as a player and as a coach. I think he is the best coach in the world.”


“I understand all the pressure, all the demands, we are required to have new results, there are a lot of expectations for me and that’s a good thing.”

Xavi Hernandez sent a strong message before the start of his mission with Barcelona, ​​”We aspire to win a lot of titles.”

Commenting on the series of repeated injuries, Xavi explained:

“We are concerned about this, we have to analyze it, we are working to have all the players there throughout the season, we want to talk to the medical staff and the president, but I am sure we will work to solve this.”

And about what he learned from Pep and Enrique when he was a player, Xavi replied,:

“A lot of things, sometimes I get into some situations and I remember some instructions from the coaches under whom I trained as Kavan Khal, my father, Pep and Enrique, and I also remember a lot of Cruyff’s advice as well.”

On his wish to coach Messi, Xavi said, :

“I hope to coach Ronaldinho and Eto’o as well, but they are not here, my relationship is good with Messi.”

Xavi revealed that he had received a message from Argentine star Lionel Messi, congratulating him on taking over as Barcelona coach.

Xavi explained,:

“Lionel Messi is the best player in the history of the game, he was a great leader but he is not with me now.”

Regarding Barcelona’s exit from the Champions League since the 2015 season, Xavi said, “I cannot talk about it because I was not there, all I believe is that if we do not put some laws, we will not achieve good results.”

Xavi sent a message to his players,:

“When Barcelona loses, the atmosphere is like a funeral, this is what I learned when I was young, we have to correct a lot of things.”

And he talked about the renewal of Dembele’s contract, saying,:

“I don’t know yet. My opinion is that when Dembele plays at his real level, he is among the best in his position in the world. His sporting qualifications are amazing. I have no doubts about Dembele.”

Hernandez ended his statements, saying, :

“Laporta is the best president in Barcelona’s history. He called me and I had no doubts.”

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