New Book: Qatar 2022- The World Cup of Arabia

“Qatar 2022 – The World Cup of Arabia” was released today.

Some printed copies of the book were distributed in London, Italy, and Switzerland.

Several Italian and international online outlets started showing the book, including the Italian official library and IBS, which is larger than Amazon in book sales.

Moreover, it will be available on Amazon in the coming hours.

The author is Ioannis Daras. He is the Vice-President of the International Sports Media Association since 2010. He is also the former President of the European Sports Press Association (2010-2018).

Qatar’s experience in obtaining the opportunity to host the 2022 World Cup provides a vision and a model for countries that will assume this role in the future.

By collecting historical facts supported by in-depth analysis, this book lists how the State of Qatar reached to host the 2022 World Cup. It draws an expanded picture covering all aspects of the challenges it went through to achieve this. In addition, the book addresses the current activities and goals the country seeks to achieve in order to host a successful event. The book aims to be a comprehensive reference for researchers and experts. Moreover, it suits those interested in football or issues related to the Middle East and the State of Qatar.

The World Cup of Arabia


Despite collecting facts from the past, the book aims not only to look at the past. But also into the future by analyzing the costs, and benefits of hosting the World Cup in Qatar. Of course, many obstacles face any country seeking to host the World Cup. Therefore, this book uses real incidents, evidence, and past experiences. It provides evidence of how Qatar succeeded in overcoming these obstacles and avoiding the mistakes of the past.

The book also examines the economic, political, and cultural opportunities offered by Qatar’s bid to host the World Cup. And the nature of its relations with FIFA before winning the bid for 2022.

On the other hand, the book analyzes the reactions of the international community to the choice of Qatar to host. This helps identify friendly and enemy countries for Qatar.

It also looks closely at the media’s coverage of the news of Qatar receiving this opportunity. Also, it analyzes with evidence the campaign of allegations and negative and malicious accusations that have affected the country after the announcement of its hosting of the World Cup. And it explains some evidence of the campaign and its political background and who stands behind it.

Finally, the book provides recommendations that Qatar, the international community, and countries of the Arab world may share, based on lessons learned while preparing for the 2022 tournament.

The book hosts a number of exclusive interviews with decision-makers, experts, and officials in the field of sports. This includes UEFA President Aleksandr Ceferin, the first Vice-President of the Football Association of Ukraine Oleg Protasov, as well as a number of sports specialists and coaches with international awards.


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