Olympic team qualification and last minute drama

Dramatically, the Olympic team qualified for the quarter-finals to face Brazil, next Saturday, 12 noon.

All hopes of moving forward towards a new qualification on the way to an Olympic medal will be added to Egypt’s tally.

All expectations were directed towards the Pharaohs bidding farewell to the Olympic competitions from the group stage, in light of the unconvincing performance of Shawki Gharib’s sons in the first two matches against Spain with a negative draw and the second losing against Argentina.

But always and forever, the bet on the authentic Egyptian metal that appears in times of adversity is what I personally bet on and wrote before the Australia match entitled (The Olympic Team is capable in Tokyo).

One goal difference gave us qualification at the expense of Argentina, which we lost against after equal points (4).

Perhaps this dramatic qualification came in the last moments of the last round of the group stage competitions.

It emphasizes the importance of offensive play and the importance of scoring and shaking opponents’ nets.. Let this be a lesson for Shawky Gharib, coach of the Olympic team, who insists on defensive play that does not give us any advantage over any competitor.

This is other than that it is not suitable for the nature and personality of the squash team, which is included in the Olympic team, and most of them are of the type of players with offensive style and character.

What happened with our qualification pushes us towards the importance of supporting our players and teams to the end in any sporting competition, without exaggerated criticism, at least until there is a final result without early judgment, whatever the levels.

Especially since the conditions in which the competitions are played have their own calculations and conditions.. and let this support serve as the impetus towards changing the course if it is negative, or modifying it if it goes outside the framework set for it and the hopes held.

In the end, we rejoiced and forgot the above, and we have to look forward and believe in the doctrine of victory and honorable competition, no matter how strong the competitor – Brazil – there is no longer a difference between us and them except on the field.

Which we hope to excel in, and this is not far away, in light of the great technical capabilities that our players possess and make them a strong match for the samba team, but with one condition that is to overcome the mistakes of the group stage and create a kind of organization in performance and avoid randomness and individual play.

Beating Brazil, which is not far off, will bring us closer to achieving an Olympic medal, as qualifying for the semi-finals at the expense of samba will put you in a close match against the winner from Korea or Mexico, and the two teams are not very strong, and we can beat both, especially since you will have great moral strength if you win Brazil is the strongest team in the world.. the medal is close.

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