Paris Saint-Germain to Announce Three Big Deals

Within days, Paris Saint-Germain will announce three big deals.

According to the football transfer expert, Fabrizo Romano, PSG will start the summer transfer window with the three deals.

The deals expected to be announced are, Sergio Ramos, Achraf Hakimi, and Gianluigi Donnarumma.

Romano wrote, via Facebook, “Paris Saint-Germain are planning to announce Ramos, Hakimin, and Donnarumma deals this month.”

The transfer of Sergio Ramos and Donnarumma to PSG will be a free transfer.

On the other hand, PSG will pay €70 million for Hakimi.

Romano added that Ramos will sign until June 2023, while Hakimi and Donnarumma will sign until 2026.


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