Ashraf Hakimi: Paris Saint-Germain will compete for the Champions League title

Ashraf Hakimi: Paris Saint-Germain will compete for the Champions League title

Moroccan international Ashraf Hakimi, a player for the French club Paris Saint-Germain, spoke about his team’s upcoming match against Club Brugge, Belgium.

It is scheduled to be held at 8:15 pm tomorrow, Tuesday, as part of the sixth round of the first group of the European Champions League for the current season 2021/22.

“The challenge is to win, it’s a Champions League match, everyone wants to play it, it’s the same goal for all matches,” Achraf Hakimi said during the match’s press conference.

Hakimi added, “It’s not the rematch but a new game in the Champions League. We want to take advantage of this match and this competition. I already played against Brugge with Dortmund, and it’s true that they are a very good team with good players.”

“It was a very strong match in Belgium and Tuesday will be the same,” Achraf Hakimi stressed. “They will want to show the same quality.”

Regarding the upcoming French Ligue 1 match against Monaco, the Moroccan player said: “I only think about meeting the European champions, then we will see at the weekend.”

Ashraf Hakimi confirmed the possibility of being second in the first group: “It is not a disappointment, there are many clubs that managed to win the Champions League after they ranked second in their group.”

Achraf Hakimi continued: “Even if we are going to finish second, the goal is to reach the end, regardless of the opponent. The first groups also have a chance to play against big teams, you have to think about Brugge and then the round of 16.”

On his beginnings with Paris Saint-Germain, Achraf Hakimi said: “I started the season well, and in particular I had the opportunity to score some goals, after that, I am a defender, so my priority is defense.”

Achraf Hakimi continued: “I also try to help the team and attack. My main goal is to be a good defensive player, and the opponent does not score. At the moment, things are going well, I adapt with the team, with my colleagues in Saint-Germain, with the city, and I am learning French. .”

Achraf Hakimi confirmed: “People always talk, whether we play well or badly, there will always be something to say. Little by little, we will improve and have more fun.”

On Kylian Mbappe, Achraf Hakimi said: “We are very good friends, our bond was created in a natural way, we are the same age, we love the same things, this is what unites us on and off the field.”

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