Pogba hints at his departure from United and confirms the theft of the World Cup winning medal

Pogba hints at his departure from United and confirms the theft of the World Cup winning medal

French midfielder Paul Pogba confirmed that his World Cup-winning medal was stolen from him during a burglary at his home last week.

The home of the 29-year-old, who won the 2018 World Cup with France, was burgled during the Manchester United match against Atletico Madrid at Old Trafford in the Champions League on March 15.

Pogba confirmed in statements to the French newspaper Le Figaro: “There were jewelry for my mother and the World Cup medal. What frightened me the most was the presence of the two children at home with the nanny during the incident.”

Pogba continued, “I listened to what happened and called my wife and security and then closed the room on itself with the presence of the two children, she was in shock for several days, the most important thing is that the two children are fine.”

“You have to be honest, I’m not satisfied at all for the past five seasons,” Pogba said of his future with Manchester United, with his current contract nearing completion.

“This year again, it’s over, we won’t win anything, I want to win titles.”

And the United midfielder continued, “I play in my position in the national team, and constantly, I know my role and I feel the confidence of the coach and the players. “.

He referred to his dealings with his current coach, Rangnick, by saying: “We are in a good agreement. He was given a role that I know, but in Manchester United do I really have a role? I ask this question and I do not have an answer.”

On the possibility of joining Paris Saint-Germain, the French star said: “Why not? It is always good to play with my colleagues in the French national team and in the club as well.”

And about his experience under the leadership of Jose Mourinho, he said: “I have become depressed in my career, but we do not talk about it, because sometimes you do not know that you are, you just want to isolate yourself, and be alone, these are unmistakable signs.”

“For me, it started when I was with Jose Mourinho in Manchester, you ask yourself questions, you wonder if you were wrong, because you did not experience these moments in your life.”

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