Pep Leanders: We are ready to face Man City and we learned something from the 2022 World Cup

Pep Leanders, assistant coach of the professional English team Liverpool, within his ranks, Mohamed Salah, spoke about the upcoming Reds match against Manchester City tomorrow in the round of 16 in the English Professional Cup.

Klopp’s assistant said in the press conference before facing City: “You cannot change dramatically, but rather work on what you can change and this is what we tried to do in the Dubai camp. The quality of the two teams? It is an elimination match and to advance to the championship you have to win. When you face City in any championship they always have the best players in England”.

And the Reds coach continued: “Facing City? There will never be boring matches against City. Both teams are trying to provide the best levels. We have to be ready and decisive, and everyone who will play will do his best.”

Leanders added: “Line-up against City? If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the World Cup, it’s that you need your whole team. When we play cup matches the schedule is packed and it’s a perfect moment to use your whole squad. We still feel we have to give our talents chances because we believe in them.”

And the Liverpool assistant coach hinted: “Ben Doc? He is very fast and has technical skills and this combination makes him a very dangerous player. He has adapted well to the team and we want to give these players the opportunity.”

Leanders continued: “The style of play? We have another training session and we will see how everyone will be. The World Cup players were in good condition, but they have been training for a few days. We do not forget that the World Cup is an emotional thing. One of the things that I liked about the World Cup is the Saudi national team’s defense line against Argentina, where they played boldly and courageously.” .

And the Reds coach added: “What I liked most about the World Cup is the growth and development of the teams during the tournament, and let me take Argentina as a real example. Rodrigo de Paul was like Leo Messi’s shadow on the field. Enzo Fernandez and McAllister were very important in midfield. Stopping during the World Cup helped us to reconsider our principles.” And our style on the field. You have to be ready and disciplined in the training sessions. The World Cup players came back feeling very strong.”

Leanders continued: “Diaz and Jota will come back at the same time in a few months, Diaz? It’s sad what happened to him but he has the character to come back better and stronger and that will help us.”

Leanders added: “The relationship with City? It is very positive that the two clubs are very cooperative. I worked in Porto for seven years and five years with PSV, and there was always rivalry with Benfica and Ajax, and the reason is because of the importance of matches. The only problem with passion is when there is no respect for the opponent only.”

Leanders continued: “The World Cup final was amazing, frankly, the season is very long, so there are many things you can fight over.”

And the Liverpool assistant coach concluded: “It is important as a team when you lose the ball that you do not lose confidence, but rather you must be there constantly. These are the things that distinguish us. We want to show who we are and most importantly win football matches.”

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