Pochettino dispenses with youth services after the arrival of Lionel Messi

Pochettino dispenses with youth services after the arrival of Lionel Messi

Paris Saint-Germain coach Mauricio Pochettino has brought back players from the youth team after signing his legendary compatriot Lionel Messi during the current summer transfer window.

According to the French newspaper, Le Parisien:

Pochettino decided to return the promising duo of Xavi Simmons and Edward Michaux to the coaching of the U19 youth team after they were out of his accounts in the new season.

The newspaper stated:

Pochettino’s decision came due to the crowded squad list after new deals and the regularity of international players in training after the end of their summer vacation and their participation in “Euro 2020” and Copa America.

The newspaper stressed:

“Pochettino kept young striker Ismail Al Gharbi 17 years in the first team squad, knowing that negotiations are underway with him to renew his contract, which expires at the end of the current season.”

In a related context:

Argentine Lionel Messi participated in the group training of his Paris Saint-Germain team today, as part of Paris Saint-Germain’s preparations to face Brest next Friday for the third week of the French League.

Messi showed up with an outstanding performance by showing his delivery and receiving skills with fellow Italian Marco Verratti or through his superior dribbling skills with teammate Chiellini.

Paris Saint-Germain fans are eager to see Argentine Lionel Messi, who recently joined the ranks of the French capital as he plays his first match for the Paris club.

Last Saturday, Messi continued the Saint-Germain match against Strasbourg (4-2) for the second week of the French Football League.

Because of the “Flea” physical unpreparedness after receiving an “exceptional” resting after playing with his country in the final of the tournament.

Copa America last month and his preoccupation with the file of renewing his contract with Barcelona, ​​and then signing the contract with the Paris national team last week.

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