Porto vs Liverpool.. Klopp: Our defensive mistakes are not a source of concern.. Jota is exceptional

Porto vs Liverpool.. Klopp: Our defensive mistakes are not a source of concern.. Jota is exceptional

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp spoke before the match against Porto, scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday.

In the second round of the Champions League group stage matches for the 2021-2022 season.

The Liverpool coach began his speech at the press conference, commenting on defensive errors:

“I don’t see it as a concern but we have to react, it’s hard to win a game when you don’t defend at the highest level and that’s what we didn’t do, honestly it wasn’t just the defensive line but our whole way of defending was a problem.”

On his rival Porto, Klopp said:

“It’s a different team but we have to improve in defence, we talked about defensive problems and that we can’t play like that again and we found a solution and we have to show that tomorrow.”

The Liverpool coach revealed his follow-up to the match between Atletico Madrid and Porto, which ended in a goalless draw, saying:

“I watched the match between Atletico Madrid and Porto in the Champions League, and if anyone deserves to win, it is Porto.”


“Porto has changed players over the years, but they have the same coach. We have no advantage that we have won two of the last three matches against them.”

The German coach added:

“We are thinking about this match and they have different opportunities to play and prepare.”

On the list of Liverpool traveling to Portugal to face Porto, Klopp commented:

“We have a big list that will travel, 23 players will travel except for the long-term injured players, Thiago and Elliot of course will not travel with us and the rest are available, there are no further updates.”

The Liverpool coach stressed, during his statements, “Eliot and Thiago are among the long-term injuries.”

Jurgen Klopp praised Jota, saying:

“He’s an exceptional player, I’m very happy we signed him, he has a strong personality, he’s very mature for his age and it’s fun to work with him, he’s improved a lot.”

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“Jota is there for Liverpool and our style of speed, technique and ability to work with both feet.”

he added:

“It’s a very tough group, we can’t count on the points we just have so we shouldn’t miss a point. The Atletico-Porto match was tough and Porto deserved to win then and that says a lot about the opponent we face tomorrow.”


“The last time we came here we didn’t think about winning 5-0 against them because it didn’t make sense, we have enough experience to know that you can’t win a game before you play it first.”

Regarding Jones, Klopp said:

“The last match was a good example of Jones, he had to defend, attack and score. He can shoot with his left foot and that’s what makes him special, in midfield it’s rare for everyone to be ready and I always have to make decisions.”

And Klopp spoke about the leaders of Liverpool, saying:

“We have three captains on the team which are Henderson, Milner and Vergil and then the team voted for three replacement captains for them: Trent, Robertson and Allison.”

The German coach concluded his remarks by saying:

“The team leaders in order are Henderson, Milner, Vergil, Trent, Robertson and Alison, and after injuries last season and the absence of most of the players, I decided to increase the leaders in the team.”

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