Portugal match against Uruguay in the 2022 World Cup


The Portugal national team will enter a fiery confrontation against Uruguay today, Monday, in the World Cup competitions, the second round of the eighth and final group in the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

Portugal vs Uruguay

The Portugal match against Uruguay will be broadcast at 9:00 pm Cairo time, and it will be held at Lusail Stadium in the closing competitions of the second round of the World Cup that will be held in Qatar and will continue until December 18. It will also be broadcast on beIN Sports HD 2 Max.

The Portuguese national team, led by world star Cristiano Ronaldo, enters to win the match tonight in order to settle the qualifying card early for the round of sixteen in the World Cup.

Portugal vs Uruguay

Known as Europe’s Brazil tops the ranking table of Group Eight in the 2022 World Cup with 3 points, while Uruguay and South Korea national teams are in the group with one point each, while Ghana’s national team is at the bottom of the standings without any balance of points.

Portugal entered the tournament with a good start in the 22nd edition of the World Cup, with a big victory over Ghana, 3-2, in a match that was close to a positive draw that brought the two teams together at Stadium 974 in the first round of Group H in the 2022 World Cup that is being held. Diameter.

Portugal vs Uruguay

The Uruguay national team does not have any alternatives other than achieving victory over Portugal in order to preserve its chance to qualify for the next round.

In the first round of the group stage in Group H, Uruguay tied in a goalless tie in the confrontation that brought them together at the Education City Stadium.

Portugal vs Uruguay

The Portuguese national team will enter the match with great enthusiasm for revenge against the representative of South America, which was the reason for its exclusion from the World Cup in Russia 2018, the round of sixteen competitions for the last edition, and this is after the Uruguay national team achieved a victory over Brazil in Europe, with two goals to one.

Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo also wants to defeat Uruguay to be among the victims of his international goals, as Ronaldo failed to score goals against the South American national team, and that happened in the 2018 World Cup in the only confrontation he fought against in the final price.

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