Portugal coach: Leave Ronaldo alone. Morocco is an organised team we suffered against in 2018

Coach Fernando Santos confirmed to Portugal that Cristiano Ronaldo, captain of the national team, never threatened to leave the national team camp for not starting against South Korea, ahead of the upcoming match between Portugal and Morocco in the quarter-finals of the World Cup, scheduled for Saturday.


 Portugal coach’s remarks on Morocco match


Santos said on the sidelines of the pre-match press conference: “I spoke to Cristiano and I always talk to him it is normal to talk to all the players, Cristiano is our captain and everyone knows his importance to Portuguese football.”


He added: “In the previous game I spoke with Ronaldo hours before the game and he understood the decision, of course he was not happy but he accepted the decision, he never told me that he wanted to leave us, we have to stop these rumors, he is always happier when we win and score and what motivates the players, this is what happened and we must stop talking about this matter it’s time to leave Ronaldo alone.”


On Morocco, Santos said: “Morocco is the only team that has achieved 7 points in the group stage, so it is an organized team and has players from the best clubs such as Paris, Chelsea and Bayern Munich, in 2018 they were our most difficult opponent, we suffered against them, and we won with difficulty.”


“They are organised and they have great players, African teams are always difficult for everyone and they are organized, as I said before it will be a difficult match, the Moroccan team is a difficult team but we want to make the match difficult for them as well.”


“In conferences often the questions are about Cristiano and that’s normal, but what is important if you (journalists) know my conversations with him when and how they were, but now we have a beautiful environment between the players united and without that environment we will not be there tomorrow.”


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