BioSecure Bubble in the Asian qualifiers in Qatar

Representatives of the federations of Indonesia and the Philippines praised Qatar’s biosecure bubble system, during the Asian qualifiers.

The Organizing Committee of the Asian Qualifiers hosted representatives of the ASEAN Federation to share the experience of the Qatar Football Association.

BioSecure Bubble


The hosting was within the “Covid-19 Training and Monitoring” program, during the major tournaments with the spread of the Coronavirus. The Federation dealt with it professionally, applying a unique preventive system, the biosecure bubble. In accordance with the highest standards and precautionary and preventive measures, the Federation has cooperated with all authorities in the country, the foremost of which is the Ministry of Public Health.

The hosting of the Indonesian and Filipino delegations in Qatar comes within the framework of the cooperation agreement concluded between the Qatar Football Association and the ASEAN. It includes twelve National Federations.

The Federations are Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, East Timor, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos.

Coco Toure, head of competitions at the Philippine Football Federation, said, “The monitoring program organized by the Qatar Football Association was important and ideal for us. We were very fortunate to witness and follow up on match management processes at this time.”

He added, “We are very grateful to the Qatar Football Association for organizing this program. We will undoubtedly benefit from it! We and all the ASEAN members too.”

Surya Farina, head of the International and Domestic Relations Committee of the Indonesian Football Association, also spoke.

She said, “The experience was wonderful and very valuable, especially with regard to the implementation of the biosecure bubble system. This of course will be a mainstay for us in implementing local and international competitions.”


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