The Premier League is considering holding the next three rounds without fans

Reports: The Premier League is considering holding the next three rounds without fans

Press reports revealed the possibility of holding the next three rounds of the English Premier League, without a public presence, if British Prime Minister Boris Johnson decided to close during the holidays.

According to the English newspaper, “The Sun”, holding the next three rounds of matches in the Premier League without fans is possible, in the event that British Prime Minister Johnson takes a decision with a short closure during the holidays.

Britain is witnessing a sharp rise in the number of infections due to the Corona virus, which the Christmas period may witness a state of partial closure to limit the increase in infections.

And the Premier League announced the discovery of 90 new positive cases of the Corona virus from Premier League players and staff last week, more than double the previous seven-day period, which is the highest rate this season of injuries.

And the official English Premier League website said: “The safety of everyone is a priority, and the Premier League is taking all precautionary steps in light of the recent rise in Covid 19 cases” across the country.

He added, “The League has returned to its emergency procedures, and increased player and technical equipment tests and PCR tests twice a week, after previously conducting a lateral flow test twice a week.”

And he continued: “The League can today confirm that between Monday, December 13 and Sunday, December 19, 12,345 tests were carried out for the Corona virus on players and club staff, among them, there were 90 new positive cases.”

He concluded: “The emergency measures for COVID-19 in the Premier League include protocols such as wearing face coverings while indoors, observing social distancing, limiting treatment time, as well as increasing testing.”

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