The English Premier League announces strict rules for postponing matches



The Premier League confirmed today, Wednesday, that it is not possible to re-schedule new league matches from next season, unless the impact of the lack of a player on the club’s squad is “really exceptional” after a series of postponements occurred during last season.

The English Premier League played 22 matches last season due to the Corona virus and the repercussions of the lack of a group of players, so that the League was criticized by clubs because of its way of dealing with the crisis.

Under the new rules, applications will continue to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, but no application will be accepted unless the relevant club takes all necessary measures to avoid postponement.

“This will replace the previous rules for postponing matches due to COVID-19, providing a consistent method for submitting requests,” the League said in a statement. “Approval for a postponement will only be granted when the effect of a player’s absence from the club’s squad is truly exceptional and after the club concerned has taken all acceptable steps and available to avoid reaching the stage of necessity to submit an application.”

Earlier, teams could apply to postpone the match only if they had at least four cases of coronavirus in the squad, and the new season would start on August 6.

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