Bolsonaro predicts the score of the Copa America final

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro predicted the score of the Copa America final between his country and Argentina.

He said that his country will defeat Argentina. In their upcoming meeting at dawn tomorrow, Sunday, in the Copa America final.

Bolsonaro said, “I can tell the president of Argentina that there is no competition between us.”

He continued, “I want us to win with a big score. I think Brazil will beat Argentina 5-0. But then I will again be the best friend of all the presidents present at this meeting.”

However, the Argentine President, Alberto Fernandez, did not join the argument regarding the score of the Copa America final. And only smiled.

The Brazilian president is famous as a passionate football fan. He always supports his national team and admires Palmeiras since his childhood.

In tomorrow’s match, Brazil is looking for its tenth title in the continental competition. While Argentina is seeking to lift the cup for the 15th time.

In fact, Uruguay holds the record for the number of titles in Copa America.


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