Press reports: Barcelona wants to give Coutinho a Messi shirt

Press reports: Barcelona wants to give Coutinho a Messi shirt

Spanish press reports revealed:

Barcelona and its Dutch coach Ronaldo Koeman will give Brazilian star Coutinho a new opportunity to stay with the team.

And they will even get the No. 10 shirt that Argentine star Lionel Messi wore before his departure to the French team Paris Saint-Germain during the current summer transfer market after the expiration of his contract with the club.

The Spanish newspaper, Mundo Deportivo, said in its Wednesday morning issue:

Barcelona offered the Brazilian playmaker Coutinho to wear the shirt of Argentine star Lionel Messi in the new season, which means that the player will remain in the new season.

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The newspaper added:

The Barcelona administration wanted to take advantage of the Brazilian star’s recovery from his long injury and offered him to wear the No. 10 shirt.

Barcelona’s offer to the Brazilian star Coutinho comes in contrast to press reports that spread during the last period about the club’s intention to get rid of the Brazilian player who failed to shine with the Catalan team.

In a related context, the English “Sky Sports” network indicated:

Barcelona is ready to offer former Liverpool midfielder Philippe Coutinho in a mutual deal within the framework of the contract with the Arsenal captain.

Messi left Barcelona this summer for Paris Saint-Germain after not renewing his contract with Barcelona.

This is due to the financial crisis that the club is suffering from, which has hampered negotiations to renew the Argentine flea contract.

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