Press reports: Paris Saint-Germain player Icardi agrees to move to Italian Roma


Argentinian star Mauro Icardi, the French player of Paris Saint-Germain, began to feel that he was not accepted in his team, and that the club did not need him, and some press reports said that the Italian club Roma had requested a contract with Icardi and that the player agreed and did not mind to leave Paris Saint-Germain and go to the Italian club Roma.

The newspaper “La Repubblica” said that the wife of the Argentine player, Icardi Wand Nara, confirmed that he wants to leave Paris Saint-Germain and go to the Italian club Roma. The wife of the Argentine player, Wanda Nara, works as a TV presenter in addition to being her husband’s agent.

The newspaper “La Repubblica” confirmed that the player’s wife, Wand Nara, made contacts with officials in the Italian Club of Rome to discuss her husband’s transfer to the Italian Club of Rome and to agree on everything in terms of salary and signing contracts.

All these things happen, although the contract of the Argentine star player Icardi did not expire this season, but the player’s contract extended with the team until the 2024 season, but the player Icardi feels unwanted in the Paris Saint-Germain club, so he asked to move to the Italian club Roma to play in it and win championships and feel that The club needs it.

The 28-year-old Argentine star, Icardi, played with Paris Saint-Germain in all the trial matches, and these matches were played by the team during the pre-season period, and the level of the player Icardi was very bad and did not show any brilliance in these matches.

Also, the player Icardi did not show any brilliance last season and his level was very bad, which made the name of the player hesitate strongly and that he must leave the Paris Saint-Germain team in the summer Mercato and the team should bring another player to serve the team more than that.

And some press reports said that the Italian club Juventus was interested in the inclusion of the player Icardi this summer, but he suddenly turned his attention to this deal and the search for other deals, and the Italian club Roma appears in the picture and requests the services of the Argentine player Icardi.

Press reports said that the coach of the Italian club AS Roma Jose Mourinho is interested in the player Icardi and admires him in a way of playing, and the value of the Argentine player Icardi is estimated at 40 million euros, according to the estimates of the Transfer Market website.

Press reports confirmed that the Argentine player Icardi will be the successor to the Italian club striker Eden Dzeko, the 35-year-old and the team’s top scorer, and this player’s contract with the Italian club Roma will expire after only one year.

Barcelona’s Sport newspaper said that the Italian club Roma is interested in the inclusion of French defender Céliman Lenglet from Barcelona this summer, and that the Roma club made an offer worth 15 million euros, and the club stipulated a condition, which is that the player receives only 25 million euros, and the name of this player was also frequency in Everton club as well. .

It is reported that the Argentine star Icardi was in the youth academy of Barcelona La Masia, before moving to Sampdoria, where he began his professional career with them after the 2012-13 season, which impressed him with Sampdoria.

The Argentine player Icardi joined the Italian club, Inter Milan, who won many trophies in July 2013[6] and since then has scored more than 100 goals in the Italian League and is currently ranked ninth among the best scorers of Inter in history.

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