Professionals’ salaries involve Al Ittihad club of Saudi Arabia

Al Ittihad Club of Saudi Arabia is facing a major crisis due to its failure to obtain a certificate of financial competence. It is necessary for registering new players. That is due to the club’s debt reaching 140 million Saudi riyals.

The Federation is working to get rid of the foreign trio, Serbian striker Aleksandar Prijovic, Brazilian Bruno Henrique, and Cape Verdean winger Gary Rodriguez.

Al Ittihad Club of Saudi Arabia pays huge sums to the trio in salaries and incentives, without a convincing performance from the players. So, it is seeking to get rid of them before the start of the new season.

Sports observers confirmed that the continuation of the foreign trio is a technically and economically certain risk.

Muhammad Abu Hedaya, a Saudi journalist, revealed the main reason for not leaving the trio. It is the weakness of the financial and procedural situation of the club and its management. The trio owns large financial contracts. However, in the event of their termination, this will require the payment of the remaining financial consideration in their contracts.

For his part, Hamed Al-Balawi, Executive Director of Al-Ittihad Club, said in response to the reports that the team’s goalkeeper, Fawaz Al-Qarni, will soon leave because of his anger at sitting back and not participating with the team last season.

Al-Balawi said, in televised statements, “Fawaz is a great and important player for Al-Ittihad team. And his keenness to participate with the Saudi national team tells about him. And, this is normal for any player. Also, his desire is not new to us. I assured him that there is no exit from the club and it is impossible for me to let him leave. He is an important leader.”

“In the winter period, he repeated his request to leave and I repeated my words,” he added. “At the end of the season, he was affected by not playing. I told him to take his leave and then talk. As Hamed Al-Balawi, we are keen on his presence.”

He continued, “A week ago, he spoke to me again and said to me, [I wish you would see my situation again.] I renewed my words that the club has an Arab championship and you are an important part.”


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