Qatar and Germany sign an agreement to organize major events

Qatar and Germany sign a sports agreement in Munich. The agreement aims to enhance bilateral cooperation in organizing major events between the two countries.

Major General Abdul Aziz Abdullah Al-Ansari was a representative of the Qatari side. He is the Chairman of the Safety and Security Operations Committee of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

On the German side, Major General Andias Bakov, the Supreme Commander of the Public Security Support Forces at the Federal Ministry of Interior, Reconstruction and Society, attended.

Qatar and Germany sign an agreement

This agreement comes in light of the efforts of the Security Committee of the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy in the State of Qatar. The Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community of Germany announced, in Munich, a joint “declaration of intent” to enhance bilateral cooperation in organizing major events.

In fact, this declaration of intent agreement between the two countries aims to support the capabilities and development of institutions and individuals in various fields related to the safety and security of major events. It also aims at exchanging information and consultations between experts and organizing joint meetings and conferences between the two parties.

A Qatari delegation from the Safety and Security Operations Committee is currently visiting Germany. This is in the context of strengthening joint cooperation in the security and police fields. It aims also to learn from the German experience in securing major sporting events.

Qatar is racing against time to complete the facilities to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup. It is the first Arab and Middle Eastern country to host the largest tournament in the world. Thus, Qatar and Germany did sign the agreement.

Doha intends to complete the stadiums, projects, and logistics related to the World Cup well in advance of the event.


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