Qatar announces the readiness of the WC stadiums

Yasser Al-Jammal, Head of the Operations Office. And Deputy Head of the Technical Office for Projects at the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy confirmed the readiness of the WC stadiums.

Al-Jammal said that Qatar is preparing to inform the media about the readiness of the WC stadiums by the end of this year. Qatar has completed 95% of the infrastructure projects for the 2022 World Cup.

He said, “Work has been completed on 5 stadiums. With the announcement of the readiness of the remaining three soon.”

Moreover, he stated that 6 World Cup stadiums will host the FIFA Arab Cup Qatar 2021™. And that is during the coming months of November and December.

The Arab Cup begins about one year before the World Cup, with the participation of 16 Arab teams.

The tournament will provide an ideal opportunity to test the preparations for the World Cup. And highlight the great passion of the people of the region for football.

He added, “The Arab Cup is an important tournament. As the Arab teams will gather for the first time under the umbrella of FIFA.”

He revealed that the tournament will give the World Cup organizers an opportunity to experience the new stadiums and prepare for the 2022 World Cup.

He continued, “Since the beginning of the preparations for the World Cup. Legacy was at the forefront of our interests. We have put legacy plans in the early design stage of the stadiums.”

He continued, “We will reduce the capacity of some stadiums. And we will donate seats to other countries to help them develop their infrastructure. While we will reuse some for other purposes. And some will be completely dismantled and their parts will be used to establish facilities inside and outside Qatar.”

The World Cup will start in Qatar on November 21, 2022.

The Qatari national team, the Asian champion. It will play the opening match at Al Bayt Stadium. With its amazing design, it can also accommodate 60,000 fans in Al Khor city.

The World Cup will begin at Lusail Stadium, attended by 80,000 fans, on December 18, 2022. It will be coinciding with Qatar’s National Day celebrations.


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