Qatar Investments Make PSG One of the Most Valuable Teams

Qatar investments in Paris Saint-Germain since its acquisition in 2011 have succeeded in leading the French club to glory, entering the 50 most valuable sports teams list.

This came according to the latest list published by Forbes, the American business magazine.

In fact, this is the first time in the history of the pioneering Parisian club to enter this valuable ranking.

Forbes’ ranking includes the 50 most valuable sports clubs and brands in the NBA and NFL.

Additionally, it also includes the NHL, MLB, and European Football Leagues.

Paris Saint-Germain ranked 43rd on the list, according to Forbes.

However, compared to the clubs on the list, the Parisian club is the one that recorded the largest growth in its financial value over the past five years.

The statistics show that the value of Paris Saint-Germain has jumped 207%.

Moreover, the PSG value during the last 24 months has recorded an impressive growth of 129%.

Qatar Sports Investments acquired the prestigious French club in 2011. The PSG has since scored many successes, which have catapulted it to the ranks of European and international giants.

Under Qatari management, the French club has pursued a systematic strategy to strengthen the PSG brand. Thus, it became more widespread internationally.

In less than a decade, the club has made it to the list of the most valuable sports clubs and brands in the world.

As a result, Nasser Al-Khelaifi, president of Paris Saint-Germain, commented on Forbes’s list.

Al-Khelaifi expressed his satisfaction with the rise of the club to become on this valuable list.

He stressed that the club’s management is still focusing on its goals and future ambitions. He added that it is also content with the achievements over the past few years.

Moreover, he indicated that there are many projects that the PSG will implement in the coming years.

“These future projects will contribute to the development of the PSG brand for future generations,” he added.





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