Ramos: My relationship with Messi has attracted attention… and playing with him is better than facing him


Paris Saint-Germain defender Sergio Ramos spoke about the relationship with the team’s star Lionel Messi during the press conference for the team’s match against Juventus in the last round of the Champions League.

Ramos said during the conference: “It is great to have Lionel Messi in your team, he is still at his best, he is one of the best players in the world, it is a great honor to play with him, playing with Messi is easier than facing him, the answer is easy to find, he is one of the best.” players in the world.

He continued: “My relationship with Messi has attracted a lot of attention. We have the same goal, which is to win with Paris and help the team in the best way we can do, with certainly providing a good return and with our experience as well. Our relationship is fantastic and that is clear.”

He added: “Playing with a defensive line of three or four players? The coach decides according to our opponent. I prefer to play with 4 because the balance becomes better in the middle of the field. Today I am very happy in Paris. I want to win trophies and show my best level.”

He continued: “I haven’t watched Juventus much in the Italian league but I watch them in the Champions League, Juventus has always been a competitive team, there are important moments in the Champions League, luck and experience can play a role as well, several factors can interfere, we still expect to see Juventus in Champions League”.

Juve enters the match after it was confirmed that he was away from the tournament and went to the European League, especially after he occupied the third place in the standings of Group H with 3 points, while Paris Saint-Germain is at the top of Group H with 11 points.

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