7 decisive confrontations await Real Madrid after beating Shakhtar in the Champions League


The Spanish team, Real Madrid, is playing many crucial matches during the month of October, whether in the Spanish League or the European Champions League.


Real Madrid won a difficult victory at the expense of its Ukrainian counterpart Shakhtar Donetsk, 2-1, in the match that was held between them on Wednesday evening at the “Santiago Bernabeu”, in the third round of Group F in the Champions League for the current season 2022-2023.


Real Madrid continued to lead the standings of Group F in the Champions League with 9 points from winning the three matches, scoring 7 goals and receiving one goal.


The royal team, led by its Italian coach, Carlo Ancelotti, is waiting for 7 matches until the end of this October, during which he seeks to resolve his qualification for the round of sixteen of the European Champions League and regain the top of the La Liga standings.

The schedule of Real Madrid matches in the coming period is as follows:

Getafe and Real Madrid, Saturday 8-10-2022, at nine in the evening.


Shakhtar Donetsk, Ukraine, and Real Madrid, Tuesday 11-10-2022, at nine in the evening.


Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​Sunday 10/16/2022, 4:30 pm.


Elche and Real Madrid, Wednesday 10/19-20 2022, at nine o’clock in the evening.


Real Madrid and Seville, Saturday 22-10-2022, at nine o’clock in the evening,


Germany’s Leipzig and Real Madrid, Tuesday, 10-25-2022, nine in the evening.


Real Madrid and Girona, Sunday, 10-30-2022, 4:00 pm.


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