Real Madrid topple this trio to save 60 million euros

Real Madrid topple this trio to save 60 million euros

Real Madrid officials are studying the removal of 3 players at the end of the current season 2021-2022, in order to provide the necessary financial liquidity to support the expected deals for the royal next summer.

Real Madrid is close to settling the Paris Saint-Germain winger Kylian Mbappe deal next summer, after the expiration of his contract with the French capital club, while the trio Erling Haaland put the talent of Borussia Dortmund, Chelsea defender Antonio Rudiger and Milan midfielder Frank Casey, in his list to support the royal ranks as well.

The Spanish newspaper “AS” reported that Real Madrid decided not to renew the contracts of the trio Gareth Bale, Marcelo and Isco, which confirms their departure from Al-Maringi at the end of the current season, to provide 60 million euros in total salaries that the aforementioned trio receive.

She added, that the Real Madrid administration decided to agree to extend the contract of Croatian Luka Modric for an additional season until 2023, and he is the only player that the club will extend his contract from among a large group whose contracts will expire next summer.

I continued, Real Madrid is discussing increasing the salary of the Brazilian Vinicius in the coming period, especially since he is one of the players with poor salaries in the club, and there are also negotiations to extend his contract as he is linked with the club until 2024.

In the event that Real Madrid winger Marco Asensio remains at his current level with the royal, his contract will be extended for another period instead of his departure in 2023 after the end of his contract.

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