The date of the Real Madrid match against Barcelona in the 2023 Spanish Super Cup final


Many Spanish football fans are looking for the date of the Real Madrid match against Barcelona in the 2023 Spanish Super Cup final, and this is because the date for that fiery match has been set, in which each team, led by a coach, wants to obtain the title and add it to the history of its achievements, and it is known that these teams It has millions of fans around the world, so the date of the match is one of the very important things that must be known in advance of it for a while so that each of them devotes itself to it, and through this article we will learn about the date of that match in addition to the broadcasting channels.


The date of the Barcelona and Real Madrid match in the Spanish Super Final


Real Madrid was able to reach the final round by not escaping an elusive victory over Valencia through penalty kicks, which were 4-3 for the first time, after the main time ended in a positive draw, which is a goal for each of them.


At the time Barcelona also reached this falter by penalty kicks, which was inspired by Real Betis, and the match ended with a score of 4-2 for the first, as the main time of the match ended with both teams tied positively with two goals for each.


The date of the 2023 Spanish Super Cup final


The 2023 Spanish Super Cup Final between El Clasico, which many love, is scheduled to start on Sunday, January 15, 2023, and the match is scheduled to take place between Real Madrid and Barcelona, at nine o’clock in Egypt time, ten o’clock in Saudi Arabia time, and this is after both teams arrived To the final round with a fun victory through penalties.


The stadium of the Real Madrid and Barcelona match


Many questions asked about where the Spanish Super Final match between El Clasico will be held in Saudi Arabia, given that hundreds of residents and citizens of the Saudi people attend that match, because of the great pleasure it holds for them, and it was announced that King Fahd International Stadium in Riyadh is the land on which that will be held. The wonderful tournament, as I confirmed that there are more than 39 channels open to broadcast the Spanish final, and all channels are completely free.

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