Refereeing in Saudi Arabia: continuous failure and criticism

Refereeing in Saudi Arabia

Khaled Al-Baltan, president of the Saudi Al-Shabab Club, spoke about the refereeing crisis in the Saudi League last season.

Al-Baltan said that the Saudi refereeing failed the clubs and athletes. Despite the presence of VAR technology.

He added, “The Referees Committee appointed referees who offended the Saudi Professional League. And caused the club to lose many points and in a crucial match. It cost the team losing the title in the last breath of the season.

Al-Baltan did not expect that there would be mistakes as appalling, as he described it, with the VAR present. He said, “The referees have greatly harmed the league. And there are clubs that have been wronged by relegation. Perhaps the injustice is not intentional. But, the worst thing remains that they are mistakes in the presence of the VAR technology. The referee sees them and calculates an opposite decision.”

Guanca Fate

Al-Baltan stressed Al-Shabab’s insistence on the continuation of Argentine professional Christian Guanca. In order to maintain the stability of the team next season.

Guanca is the highest midfielder scorer in the history of the Saudi League without penalties.

Al-Baltan added, “We rejected Al-Ain club’s letter to obtain the player’s services after only 5 minutes.”

Al-Baltan continued, “I cannot perform all miracles. And Al-Shabab is not required to compete with Al-Hilal and Al-Nasr in light of the huge spending.”

He added, “Give me Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal and throw me in the sea. Or, support the club’s treasury with 200 million riyals every year. And I will bring you the Asian Championship and the title of the professional league.”


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