Refereeing in Saudi Arabia: Inadequate Referees

Refereeing in Saudi Arabia football makes a rich subject for controversy every season.

Many clubs and fans not trusting the local referees. So, these clubs call for the recruitment of international referees to run their meetings, especially the major ones.

Saleh Al-Saeed, a Saudi writer, wrote, “The refereeing dilemma is an issue that cannot be ended in a satisfactory manner. We have an example in the events of the last season.”

Al-Saeed called on the Football Association to prepare the referees for the next season. He called for serious work to help local referees manage the matches of Prince Mohammad bin Salman League.

He justified this so that the failures of the last season would not happen again. And the voices calling for bringing in professional international referees stop.

The writer criticized the choices of international referees, considering that the vast majority of them have precedents and lapses in their local tournaments or the international matches they officiated.

He demanded a good choice to be a qualitative addition, not a repetition of the errors and lapses in the Saudi League.

He considered that the continued occurrence of major refereeing mistakes in Saudi Arabia, whether from local or international referees, will make it an amateur league, administration-wise.

Every season, the Saudi Football Association uses international and European referees to officiate the major matches in the league.

This often comes at the request of the clubs themselves. They do not feel confident in the performance of local referees to manage their meetings.


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